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Double Trouble



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A favorite with our customers for the stylish and unique lace-up front cover, the Double Trouble bag is built for secure and organized hands-free carrying all your everyday essentials.

The Double Trouble is equipped with a mesh back to minimize sweating, a detachable front cover, five organized pockets with a front pouch carefully designed to fit any size phone with retention bands to hold your phone and valuables in place.

Our popular black Double Trouble comes in the compact size only; the two-tone brown on taupe bag is available in both compact or standard sizes.

A leather belt keeper is included to contain any excess belt tail when the waist strap is adjusted for fit. We recommend purchasing the optional waist belt extension ($6.99) if you plan to wear your bag in the cross-body or backpack configuration, or if you simply want some extra length.

Another popular option is to purchase a second waist belt AND an extension piece, extend them to the desired length, and simply swap out your usual waist belt for this second one when sporting your bag as a backpack.


Main pocket, Back pocket, and Front Pocket sizes:

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BELT SIZES (included with the bag, the extension is not included):

BELT SIZES (included with bag):

Leg Belt: Adjustable from 10" to 22" (fits leg size of up to 33")
Waist Belt: Adjustable from 18" to 47" (fits waist size of up to 54")

IDEAL FOR: Motorcyclists, Everyday Wear, Event Attendance, Dog Walking, Travelers

10-year warranty on all zippers, buckles, straps, and hardware.

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