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BULBAG (Ballistic Utility Lightweight Bag) The American Standard

UkoalaBag, Inc.


Triple Black
Black MultiCam
Ranger Green

Material : 1000 Denier American Made Cordura Nylon


    • 100% American made mil-spec product worthy of a NAVY SEAL. Whether you are looking for casual elegance or midnight stealth, BULBAG has a product to fit your needs. You can wear the bag as a drop leg utility bag/holster, a backpack, a sling-bag, or as a chest-rig with level IIIA bullet-proof core protection. Protect your vitals, protect your family, protect your 2nd amendment, and take a stand for products made right here in the good ol' United States of America. 


Stop dickin' around with half-cocked, budget gear. If you haven't learned by now that you save money, and more importantly eliminate failures and frustration, by getting the best stuff right out of the gate, we're probably not for you. You have just found the best. And we stand by that claim... for life. We don't believe in limited warranties, we believe in standing behind our claims for LIFE.  If it breaks, we cover it.  NO MATTER WHAT. 

Add the level IIIA soft armor insert, a model specific Kydex holster with retention, and a CobraBelt two-layer gun belt for the most advanced Mil-Spec Concealed Carry system available on the planet. Guaranteed. 

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