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Core Guard Level IIIA Body Armor Insert



TRAVEL PROTECTED Slide one of these Level IIIA soft body armor inserts into a compartment on your UkoalaBag for a glove-tight fit and superior protection against any handgun round*. Made from NIJ certified 0101.06 Aramid Fiber (Kevlar) this USA-made armor is pliable and light coming in just over a mere 10 oz. you can't even tell it's in your UKB. In a pinch, you hit your quick disconnect to release your bag, drop over your neck (supplied silky lanyard system pre-measured to your clavicle notch), and your heart, lungs, and respiratory diaphragm now have protection. Will fit in Standard and Expanded zipped top-pocket models only (Kodiak, Brookshire, Yukon, and older Dragon models). \n \nWe worked with retired US Marshalls on this project and it quickly spread to many in the LE community. Now available to the private sector in approved states. Please check your state laws before ordering. Here is a handy link for that: \n \nLive smart, draw fast, and cover your vitals!


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