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Kodiak 'The CEO'S Design'




The Kodiak, originally  The 'PJ Bag' ( SKU nightmare) was on the chopping block and due to be discontinued when our fearless CEO PJ Powell put a quick stop to that. After adding a few redesigns such as more interior velcro coverage, a slightly bigger footprint, a wider opening with longer zipper-travel down the sides to allow for a lightning-fast draw and quicker target acquisition without having to clear the top of a dang bag, it became one of our top sellers! Go PJ Go! Sporting a large front pocket, with two small side pockets perfect for stowing a flashlight, multi-tool, CS, or your favorite pocketknife (my fav is a Benchmade). Constructed with ballistic nylon fabric, this bag is made for the organized and prepared sort of feller or fellete. Designed for a man... but strong enough for any woman!

The velcro patch on the front flap of this bag is perfect for personalizing your bag with military morale, unit patches, or those popular biker patches that are best left read, and unspoken.

Available in our standard size only in one of four color combinations, the Kodiak is a favorite with our outdoor enthusiast customers that enjoy activities like hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and more.

A leather belt keeper is included to contain any excess belt tail when the waist strap is adjusted for fit. We recommend purchasing the optional waist belt extension ($6.99) if you plan to wear your Kodiak in the cross-body or backpack configuration, or if you simply want some extra length.

Another popular option is to purchase a second waist belt AND an extension piece, extend them to the desired length, and simply swap out your usual waist belt for this second one when sporting your bag as a backpack.

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