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Advanced Holster System




You have yourself one of our BAGS. Now, make it a CCW system with our advanced holstering system. 

Our advanced holstering system has been almost two years in the making. As with ALL BULBAG products we take one thing and one thing only into consideration in our design and development; making the absolute best product available to humankind. Well, two things, including all components must be made in the United States of America. It may sound dramatic, but it is our passion... and our purpose. 

So here it is. It simply doesn't get any better when it comes to a system to holster your weapon. The Holsters in this line do not use the standard production technique of heat-activated vacuum molding for their creation. These holsters start with the actual digital files directly supplied by the gun manufacturers which are then slightly manipulated so the holster does not actually come in contact with the finish of the firearm anywhere except a minute point of the trigger guard and the muzzle nest. For this reason, these holsters are only available for the specific gun models the manufacturers themselves agreed to supply the digital files for.  The list is growing so if you don't see your model listed, please check back periodically. Two fully adjustable bushings allow the user to choose the retention that is right for them. It comes to you with what we consider to be the perfect retention level. But we're not you. So you have the final say in the tweak to your personal preference. All holsters come with an integrated mag pouch unless the model is a revolver. 

The other facet of this system is that when coupled with our Level IIIA Kevlar insert, and your BULBAG is worn in the chest-rig configuration this holster helps to lessen the deviation of our available body armor insert upon projectile impact. We're working on obtaining the actual ballistic coefficient of this addition and will put that information up on the site when we get those results in.

Don't settle for second best. We never do. 

Made in the USA.

Lifetime warranty. 

Available in any color... as long as it's black.


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