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BULBAG Ballistic Utility Lightweight Bag - The Slim

UkoalaBag, Inc.

    • Order to receive this 100% American made product at sale price. Whether you are looking for casual elegance or midnight stealth, BULBAG has a product to fit your needs. Features range from ultrasonic welded 100% dry-bags worthy of a NAVY SEAL, to the classic gentlemen’s taupe duck cloth bags with oil tanned leather stylings and rugged looks. Both styles are designed to include internal Kydex retention and Level IIIA ballistic core protection. You can wear the bag as a drop leg utility bag/holster, a small backpack, in the sling-bag position, or put it over your chest to use as a bullet-proof chest-rig in seconds. Protect your vitals, protect your family, protect your 2nd amendment, and stand for the United States of America


Stop playing around with half-cocked, budget gear. If you haven't learned by now that you save money, and more importantly eliminate frustration, by getting the good stuff from the gate, we're probably not for you. The most advanced Mil-Spec Concealed Carry system available to the private sector. Our American Standard Package Includes:


    • Your own BULBag

    • IIIA  Soft Body Armor Insert. American Made.  (NIJ Standard 0101.06)  This Form-Fitted ballistic Insert will stop up to a .44 Mag from penetrating its shield; including .380, .38, 9mm, .40, .45, .357 Sig or Magnum. The IIIA insert is the foundation of your drop-leg rig. Dump over the chest in a pinch (with pre-measured lanyard system included), to protect your vital organs from virtually any handgun round.

  • Carbon Fiber or Kydex Holstering-System Integrated Mag-Pouch available. Retention and L/R Hand setup are both Fully Adjustable on most Glock and S&W M&P models. Patent Pending.


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