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Kydex Holster System



SAFELY CARRY, WITHOUT A SAFETY \n \nKeep your girl snug, protected, and FULLY retained with our top-quality Kydex holstering system. IF you're going to roll with one in the pipe, you definitely want full trigger protection. We call it a system because when coupled with the UkoalaBag or BULBAGs velcro-lined main compartment, a one-piece retention system is created. Your girl will never fall out of your UkoalaBag on her own, and you can position the cant at any angle desired for a perfect draw, every time. With top of the line vacuum-formed  Kydex 100 (originally designed for aircraft interiors), both your every day carry piece, and your safe queen brought out for special occasions, will thank you. \n \nWhen in transport, keep your UkoalaBag zipped up. When you get to where you're going, unzip fully and keep the magnetic closure secure. If the situation arises, unsnap silently with our magnetic closure and initiate a purchase on your grip while it looks like you're simply getting your keys. Don't wait to decide when to go for your weapon, be ready far in advance with our Kydex holstering system. \n \nEach holster is gun model specific and made to order, so please provide the exact model of your gun. \n \nIf you don't see your Manufacturer in the list, please contact us, we'll see if we have options for you.    Please also specify the RIGHT or LEFT-hand draw.


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