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You've all been waiting... here they are: our CURRENT line of UkoalaBags with needed upgrades. The Series XI (11).  

After many years of our customers' requests, feedback, discovering faults, and eliminating identified weak areas of our bag, we give you the UkoalaBag version 11. We have addressed the front clasp with a modern, locking magnet clasp that is tough as nails and will not allow the protective face to come open until you decide.  Perfect for CCW applications. While we were at it, we upgraded the hardware to a higher standard eliminating any failures to the swivel hooks. 

These new upgrades are available on our new 2022 lineup of the Yeti, the Kodak, and one of the favorites we recently brought back: the Dragon.

You're going to love our new UkoalaBag... and yours. 

 Order yours now while they're still available. 

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